Exactly in four weeks on 27th March 2019 there will be a premiere of Psycho in Glej Theatre. I wanted to make this project for years so the premiere will be only sweeter because of this. It is written by excellent Davorin Lenko and played by actor Domen Valič, who's going to be first slovenian Psycho. 

Later we're working on 5boys by Simona Semenic in hungarian Szombathely and then on one of the biggest Mozart's operas The Magic Flute - the whole creative team is really looking forward to both projects. In the beginning of 2020 we've another exciting production abroad and we're devising something sparkling with the choreographer Tajda Podobnik, so ... A big thanks to all of you who support our work and most of all - stay tuned!

Photo: Neja Petek, Kopenhagen