This Monday was the first school day and also the first morning rehearsal for the famous opera The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1791). It will be produced by the Slovenian National Opera Ljubljana. The meeting started with the short speeches by artistic director Branko Robinšak and house dramaturge Tatjana Ažman, than followed the presentation of the artistic team and their thoughts on the production: director Jaša Koceli, costume designer Branka Pavlič, set designer Darjan Mihajlović Cerar, choreographer Tajda Podobnik and lighting designer David Andrej Francky. Most of the soloists and members of the chorus joined this event. 

After the project revelation the team already started to work on the scenes. They started properly - at the start, with Tamino and the snake.  

The premiere is on 10th October 2019. 

Photo: Mankica Kranjec 

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