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Eva Mahkovic 


Premiere 16th March 2017

Ljubljana Puppet Theatre

75 min 


Directed by   Jaša Koceli 
Dramaturgy    Eva Mahkovic 
Set design   Darjan Mihajlović Cerar 
Costume design   Branka Pavlič 
Music   Miha Petric
Choreography   Tajda Podobnik
Lecture   Irena Androjna Mencinger
Lighting design   Kristjan Vidner
Make up   Ana Lazovski
Photography   Mankica Kranjec 
Regina   Lena Hribar k.g.
Wendy   Eva Jesenovec k.g.
Cecilija   Lea Cok (AGRFT)
Tara, Alma, Hana
Grum, Trainspotting,
Aleksandra F. 
  Aja Kobe
Gus, Borut, Fiqus   Rok Kunaver
Mum Simona, Mum 
Tatjana, Teacher
Magda, Headmistress
Graben, Radio 
  Nina Ivanič
Saranda Efta   Nika Sraka

Cecilia is promiscuous, liberal and pregnant. Eli is ugly; she has bad skin, bad hair, bad body, quite bad clothes and bad marks. Regina is a queen, the most beautiful, the most successful and the most clever among the three of them; she has long hair, her mummy bought her a pair of Prada trousers in the Barberino Outlet, and when she passes her international A levels, she will enrol in the International Business School in Maastricht. Cecilia has a sister, Tara, and Regina has a sister, Alma, who are both around thirty years old; they represent their adulthood, the possible future, in short, the reality. Tara has children. Alma likes to think that she has a career. They used to belong to the now broken up girl gang One More Time.

Little Queens are principally focused on Cecilia, Regina and Eli. It is their gang and their own world, in which the future is only »half-split« onto their reality, in which the goals are high, the ideals are childishly pure, the defeats are impossible, and the compromises do not exist at all. Acting as a response to their older sisters/queens they stand for the already partially lost virginity, disillusion, and adulthood. As far as the contents are concerned, the creators' centre of gravity lingers between both groups, which also represent their (or our) »today« and »yesterday«. In order to deepen the timeline of generations of the modern Little Queens and their growing up, losing contact with their young selves and progressing through time, presented as a »zoom in« and »zoom out« are the younger and the older versions of what each of the Queens could ever be.

Essential for this project will be a number of references from contemporary visual arts, social networks and pop culture, whereas used as the primary nonverbal/performative expression will be movement.

Photo: Mankica Kranjec

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Video trailer: Gregor Gobec


Promo photo: Mankica Kranjec

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Making of video: Gregor Gobec


Playbill: Lara Zupan, Mila Peršin