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Davorin Lenko


March 27, 2019
85 minutes


Patrik Bajt

Domen Valič



Set design

Costume design



Lighting design


Jaša Koceli

Darjan Mihajlović Cerar

Branka Pavlič

Miha Petric

Mankica Kranjec

Grega Mohorčič

Martin Vrtačnik



Slovenia. Here and now. People are disappearing. Some are found, other never. Nobody dares speak about the possibility of a serial killer. This can never happen here. Or can it?

The Ljubljana Dragon has recently started his killing spree across city districts. He leaves dead bodies everywhere he goes. The only other available trace are photographs on the internet. Nobody can catch him and people doubt he even exists.

Performance Psycho searches for proofs and doubts about a man that dives into the Zone, in state beyond any control, area of fantasy, passion and fears. Psycho loves and gives himself away. He celebrates all women of this world. He searches for moments of intimacy and assembles a perfect being out of many personalities. He goes to work, is obsessed by Ljubljana Dragon and his adventures, he films inspirational videos and fantasizes about parallel universe in which he will feel fulfilled.

No genius can exists without its audience. Can serial killer happen without media reporting on it? Can we really have a one night stand if we don’t kiss and tell? Do we experience anything if we don’t post about it on Facebook? Are we fed if we don’t take a picture of our food and post it on Instagram? How much audience does the Psycho inside us need? And of course, how much do you desire to be his audience? Every society produces its deviation, and deviations are inherent part of all of us.

Psycho crosses every boundary, but needs no excess to be understood. He fights the social norms without any compromise and searches for a way out. He tests the limits of what is allowed and acceptable. Psycho is a study of pathological personality and an experiment, which can roll out of control.

New devised performance directed by Jaša Koceli and written by Davorin Lenko. Psycho is inspired by film and novel American Psycho, works and characters of Ted Bundy, Metod Trobec and several other serial killers. And of course painful beauty of 80’s Slovenia pop hits. What do you need to unleash the Psycho inside you?


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