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Jaša Koceli is a theatre director based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is known for his innovative creative language and interdisciplinary approach in theatre. Koceli is connecting performing arts with strong visual expression in space and costume design, lighting and screening. Together with his permanent artistic team Koceli never ceases to challenge the conventional theatre forms and enriching them with the voice of the new generation. He finished theatre directing and sociology studies at the University of Ljubljana. 

In last ten years he directed twenty-five professional performances in several different theatres in Slovenia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania and several other artistic events. His theatrical projects were awarded in three different countries. Some of his most well known shows include: 
Brave New World in Prague City Theatres in Czech Republic,
Electra in National Kaunas Drama Theatre in Lithuania,
The Magic Flute and The Sound in Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Ljubljana,
5boys in Hungarian theatre Weöres Sándor in Szombathely,
The Trojan Women by Euripides in Slovenian National Theatre Nova Gorica which opened the 2019 edition of the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama in Cyprus and
his own play Too Close, which he made during theatre lockdown in 2021.

He has had special artistic ties with certain theatre houses: 
Ljubljana City Theatre (No Exit in 2024, The MasterCafé DadaBreathless: Now)
Glej Theatre, where he started his professional career and made four performances, recent one is Psycho,
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre (The Amazons in 2023, Little Queens, Nellie Goodbye, Lesbos).  


He staged works in some other notable theatres, like Pomona in Slovenian National Theatre Drama and the iconic slovenian drama An event in the town of Goga in Anton Podbevšek Theater Novo mesto.  

As lighting designer he co-created three big ballet productions: two in SNT Opera and Ballet Ljubljana (Symphony of sorrowful songs and Heartmeat) and one in National Theatre in Belgrade (Dictionary of the Khazars: Dream Hunters). As assistant director he has cooperated in six institutional theatre performances with the acclaimed directors (Jovanović, Pipan, Buljan and Pandur). 




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Jaša Koceli Showreel 2016-2018

Jaša Koceli Showreel 2016-2018

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Jaša Koceli Showreel 2013-2015

Jaša Koceli Showreel 2013-2015

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